15224987_sMy mentors have worked really hard to get me to raise my fees and charge what I’m worth. Somehow, I had got it in my head that I’m only worth a certain amount a month and it seems that I “manifest” that every month (for those non-manifesters out there, I’m not referring to the Secret, I just seemed to somehow not work or get paid after that “quota”. I guess you can also call it “self-sabotaging”).

Despite all of my mentor’s good work, it didn’t hit home until I was logging my monthly sales goals in Michael Port’s sexy new program: solid.ly. I realized that the amount I wanted to make a month scared the *&() out of me! So of course I do an internet search to “remove money blocks” and there’s a deluge of information on the internet on how to stop money blocks. EFT, Morty Leftkoe just a whole bunch of long-winded stuff. And I was really worried for a while until I got a e-mail article from Craig Ballantyne about, coincidentally, the exact same thing.

When Craig started off in the internet business. He was working hard and charging little. He wasn’t getting stuff paid on time. One company didn’t even pay him his full fee… and then…. I was a bit excited to see what he did next. This was the answer to my question!

Craig wrote that the one thing that got him out of poverty was: He decided he was worth more and charged the new prices for all new work. Can you believe it? No coach who coached him through it, no long-winded ritual. Just the decision… and then the action followed. So how does that relate to you and me?

Charge what you honestly think you’re worth

I don’t believe in ripping off people. Decide on what is a fair price for the experience you have, time in business etc. and then charge that. BUT take the action to able to raise your fees in 3-6 months time. This means upgrading your industry, personal, and business skills as well as taking your experience into account.

There’s a lovely affirmation that one of the coaches I’ve chatted with have given me: “I charge well for my services as a way of valuing myself and my gifts”. I have undervalued my gifts in the past, don’t go doing that to yourself.

Your Services are Valuable

Many people make the mistake in assuming that they can charge the same as their hourly fee at work. You can’t do this. Why? Because you need to pay for: insurance, “office space”, marketing and promotion, etc. Companies pay all of these “hidden extras” for having employees. You are actually saving your clients money because they don’t have to pay taxes on your salary. Trust me. I had employees. I know. So don’t under charge.

Look at what your contemporaries are charging

One of the things that made Craig change his fees is that he looked at a colleague’s fee rate. He realized that he was under charging by a lot! The other trick here is to think about who you want to work with. Do you want to work with customers who can’t pay, cannot afford and who you have to demand your fees (more than once)? Or do you want to deal with people where money isn’t the issue, just the value they get out of it?

You need to keep all this in mind while deciding what fees to charge. Remember, you’re worth it.


© 2012 Lakshmi Gosyne

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